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NDT Engineer

Titel: NDT Engineer
Werkgever: NOVA Engineering
Plaats: Rotterdam
Provincie: Zuid-Holland, Utrecht

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The Non Destructive Testing Engineer (NDT) Engineer works within the Pipeline Production Department (PPD). The department is responsible for the preparation of all offshore welding, non-destructive testing (NDT) and coating



The NDT Engineer must timely and economically prepare and support the NDT activities for the pipe lay vessels, ensuring the project requirements are complied with. The NDT Engineer provides specialist know-how and holds responsibility for the NDT activities for all project phases from tender, engineering, procurement, installation to commissioning and co-ordinates between vessel(s) and work site(s), client and project team, departments, subcontractors and suppliers as well as other business contacts. Depending on the work volume and complexity anticipated the NDT Engineer is be assigned to one or more projects.
With sufficient experience, sufficient knowledge (in depth or general) and proven capabilities the NDT Engineer will obtain the title Senior NDT Engineer.
The Senior NDT Engineer can temporary replace the Unit Head NDT in case of absence during holidays, illness and travel.

Reporting lines

The NDT Engineer reports directly to the Unit Head NDT. While working on specific projects, he/she will also report to the respective Project Manager.

General responsibilities

Conduct all activities and tasks in accordance corporate objectives;
Obtain and maintain a sound knowledge of the department tasks and activities related to the vessels and projects as far as relevant to the job objectives and job specific tasks;
Familiarise with and comply to their corporate management system (CMS);
Support and actively participate in a continuous improvement of our clients CMS within their job activities;
Promote a healthy and safe work environment for their employees and contractors working on all their premises;
Ensure the administration (network, desks, cupboard) of the department is set-up and maintained in a transparent and orderly manner to ensure easy access to information for the department members;
Inform daily the Department Secretary of an up-to-date record of whereabouts and travel plans;
Submit personal timesheets into the RTR/(Web)Solo system for approval on a weekly basis;
Ensure all personal documentation is up-to-date and valid, such as passport, seaman's booklet, medical certificate and offshore survival certificate.

Job specific tasks

Identify, develop and actually qualify the NDT methods to timely and economically produce the pipelines and their appurtenances to be installed, including testing, documentation, client approval and third party verification, as required for the project;
Ensure the NDT subcontractor is consulted regarding the feasibility of NDT methods and in order to develop the most productive and economic NDT methods;
Supervise the NDT services including but not limited to pre-qualification, performance, quality audits and technical presentations;
Communicate with the Welding Engineer (for welding activities) and Unit Head NDT (for specific NDT activities) regarding the timing and duration of NDT services at the Training Center for current or upcoming projects;
Identify training needs and obtain client approval to allow the vessels to qualify the NDT personnel for the NDT methods used for the pipelines and their appurtenances, including testing, documentation, client approval and third party verification, as required for the project;
Provide technical input and cost estimates for NDT methods, equipment and consumables required for project preparations and production;
Report to Section Head NDT regarding status of preparations, problems foreseen or encountered, and improvements for current or upcoming projects;
Identify, order and verify availability on the vessel or work site of sufficient and adequately qualified NDT Personnel, specialist support or consultant including associated equipment, tools, consumables and spares;

Identify, develop, internally order and verify availability on the vessel or work site of sufficient pipeline NDT equipment (with specialist support or consultant if needed) or special NDT equipment and associated tools, consumables and spares;
Identify, develop, order and timely verify availability on the vessel or work site of sufficient NDT equipment and consumables purchased or provided by others;
Verify that NDT services are performed in accordance with the applicable safety and environmental procedures, rules and regulations as applicable on the vessels and work sites;
Monitor daily progress of ongoing production on the vessel or work site and if necessary relocate to the vessel or work site for as long as required to assist with or resolve any NDT problems until NDT activities are performing satisfactorily;
Maintain and expand where possible a technical and practical knowledge of (offshore) pipeline NDT and construction work, including the application of contract specifications, NDT procedures, NDT personnel qualifications, new or modified NDT techniques as well as a working knowledge of welding techniques;
Identify areas of exposure or improvement within the department or its objectives.



Liaise with clients, laboratories, NDT subcontractors, NDT equipment suppliers and NDT consumable suppliers on behalf of the project to agree the most economical project NDT approach;
Ensure that NDT properties (safely) meet the project requirements;
Inform the supervisor on the vessel or work site of potential non-conformant or non-efficient NDT practices.

Education level and training

Minimum HTS level in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent;
Supplemented by EN473 or ASNT Level III in RT, UT and MPI.


For graduates there is no specific experience required;
Senior NDT Engineer requires a minimum of 10 years relevant experience in a similar position.
The numbers of years experience determines the seniority of this position.

Personnel skills:

Results driven;
Good communication skills;
High sense of achievement;
Professional attitude towards client and end product;
Commercial attitude.

Other requirements:

Exposure to offshore pipeline NDT operation for minimum of one week for each NDT system applied;
Good command of the English language, both written and spoken;
Willingness to travel.

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