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TEC-PCE-276 Radio Navigation Engineer

Titel: TEC-PCE-276 Radio Navigation Engineer
Werkgever: Ajilon
Plaats: Noordwijk
Provincie: Zuid-Holland

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General tasks to be performed: The following work package description is provided by ESA, and represents a non-exhaustive list of activities typically performed within this specific work package. Not all tasks may be required to be performed within your specific role. • Radio Navigation system (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO etc.) and augmentation (EGNOS, WAAS, QZSS etc.). The work includes studies: analyses and testing of navigationsystems/segments/elements/technology, dissemination and navigation algorithms, including tools development; evaluation of Navigation/Positioning/Timing algorithm and techniques, user/system/segment performance assessment based on software simulators, laboratory and field measurements, and support to ESA projects in follow up of industrial procurements. • Radio Navigation equipments covering space applications. The work includes study, design, analysis and testing of navigation/positioning/ranging/monitoring technology and receiver for space. Radio Navigation space applications performed at ESA include: scientific applications (atmospheric sounding, oceanic observation), formation flying, rendezvous and attitude determination. • Radio Navigation equipments for terrestrial applications. The work includes study, design, analysis and testing of navigation receivers/technology for terrestrial applications and local augmentation. Radio Navigation terrestrial applications performed at ESA are those related with high performance based on high accuracy (e.g. geodesy) and/or high integrity (e.g. civil aviation, maritime). • Radio Navigation signals and signal processing. The work includes study, design, analysis and testing of signal and signal processing techniques including tools/equipment development and procurement. It encompasses signal structure, modulations, data dissemination, techniques for error correction, synchronisation, multipath mitigation and estimation, interference mitigation, cancellation, encryption, authentication, etc. • Radio Navigation Laboratory equipments. The work includes definition procurement design, testing, usage of Radio Navigation equipment in support to Radio Navigation experimentsand test campaigns. Specific tasks to be performed: The work includes design, analysis, implementation and testing of radio navigation systems, with emphasis on system architecture and performance, GNSS security and on radio navigation receivers. The principal tasks and responsibilities will include: • GNSS System implementation and verification including ground segment control and processing facilities and GNSS security • In particular for Galileo, participation in studies, simulations and laboratory testing for the assessment of system end-to-end functionalities and performance, including measurement campaigns, data processing and field testing, also applied to radio navigation receivers design and techniques • Support to the Galileo project in the monitoring of industrial contracts for the development of radio navigation tools and equipment including receivers and for studies on radio navigation, including generating technical requirements and statements of work

To successfully perform the above mentioned tasks, the following background / experience is required: • University degree (MSc) in telecommunications and signal processing or electronic engineering, as well as experience in these fields. • Specific knowledge in the design and testing of Radio Navigation systems and equipment including receivers. • They shall have strong knowledge on the design of satellite navigation systems, ranging and positioning techniques, RF, signal processing techniques, and digital navigation receivers in addition to GNSS security and processing facilities. • The specialist shall in particular have at least 4 years of experience with the GNSS and GALILEO systems and equipment and have good knowledge of Radio Navigation processing, simulation and testing systems. • They shall be specialist in the implementation, maintenance and operation of complex Radio Navigation processing, simulation and test facilities for spacecraft, aircraft, maritime and land mobile applications. • Candidates must be eligible for security clearance from their national security administration.

Ajilon Technology Aerospace is looking for a Radio Navigation Engineer (E3) for an opportunity at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands Ajilon Technology Aerospace is a specialized Engineering consultancy with more than 30 years’ experience providing aerospace Engineers to our key partners in The Netherlands. Ajilon is a long-standing business partner of the European Space Agency (ESA), with more than 100 employees recruited from across Europe currently supporting ESA’s activities.

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