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TIA-PY-52 Telecommunications Satellite Platform Engineer

Titel: TIA-PY-52 Telecommunications Satellite Platform Engineer
Werkgever: Ajilon
Plaats: Harwell

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General tasks to be performed: • Supporting the Project preparation and implementation and managing industrial activities; • Prepare system models and perform system analyses in parallel or in support of industrial activities, especially provide engineering support to the System Engineer and the Space Segment manager in the appropriate areas of competence; • Provide support to the System Engineer in coordinating ESA internal studies and preparing the associated documentation. • Support the ESA System Engineer in monitoring activities related to the industrial activities , especially monitoring the coherent and cost-effective implementation of requirements from system level down to the lower sub-system level. • Participation in Agency Reviews, notably supporting the System Engineer in organizing the Phase B System Requirements Review and Preliminary Design Review as well as lower level technical reviews in the relevant field of interest. • Supporting the definition of technology activities or additional technical studies in preparation of the next Phase of the Programme in the appropriate areas of competence. • Regular reporting of progress to the ESA System Engineer and the Head of the Programme Office. • In the execution of the tasks, the Telecommunication Systems Engineer will liaise closely and proactively with the rest of the Programme team as well as with other colleagues within the Telecommunications Technologies, Products and Services Department. Specific tasks to be performed: The Platform Engineer reports primarily to the Quantum Platform Manager in the Telecommunications and Integrated Applications Directorate, Telecommunication Satellite Programme Department and will be responsible for monitoring performance and engineering aspects of satellite platform, with a focus on mechanical/structural/thermal aspects. The Platform Engineer’s tasks will include: • Monitoring platform units’ development, integration and testing • Monitoring the coherent and cost-effective implementation of platform requirements from system level down to the lower application level; • Working in Partnership with the Satellite Operators to ensure that the platform equipment development proceeds in a timely and pragmatic manner whilst maintaining the original innovative nature of the platform and the supplier working methods. • Working with the industrial team to ensure that the design and performance of platform meets its specified requirements, including software, subsystem and unit performances • Monitoring and ensuring that the platform interfaces are consistent with the Payload and system and quality aspects. • Ensuring the adequacy of relevant operational requirements to control and operate the platform • Analysing predicted performance parameters of platform and monitoring these throughout the project phases • Supporting platform and lower-level reviews, as well as supporting spacecraft level reviews and any non-conformance reviews. • Regular reporting to his Platform Manager • In the execution of the tasks, the Platform Engineer will liaise closely and proactively with the rest of the Quantum Project team as well as with other Project Teams within the Telecommunications Satellite Programmes Department.

To successfully perform the above mentioned tasks, the following background / experience is required: Applicants for this post should have a Master degree or equivalent qualification in engineering or physics, together with extensive experience in: • The development of satellite platform equipment in the sphere of telecommunications. • Systems and strategic thinking, results orientation, responsible risk-taking & decision-making, and relationship management are considered important. Applicants should be able to work well in a team and communicate effectively. • The successful candidate should demonstrate proven technical capabilities, in particular in the mechanical/structural engineering field, and the capacity to apply analytical and sound judgment to resolve problems pragmatically. • The Candidates are expected to demonstrate excellent organisation skills, attention to detail, resourcefulness and the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships. • Knowledge of another ESA member state language is an asset.

Ajilon Technology Aerospace is looking for a Telecommunications Satellite Platform Engineer (E3) for an opportunity at the European Space Agency in Harwell, United Kingdom Ajilon Technology Aerospace is a specialized Engineering consultancy with more than 30 years’ experience providing aerospace Engineers to our key partners in The Netherlands. Ajilon is a long-standing business partner of the European Space Agency (ESA), with more than 100 employees recruited from across Europe currently supporting ESA’s activities.

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